What is good value?

Since setting up Proven Track Records and PTR Strategic, I’ve had to think carefully about questions of value. What can I offer? How does this help people? What is my input worth to the person I’m talking to, as well as to their business? I’m seeing that open dialogue about what people want, and an honest approach to what you can deliver, together lead to a really positive mutual working relationship.

But that’s not what prompted me to write this post. Two other things did. One was a conversation I had last week with two colleagues I’ve worked with closely over the years, mainly around tricky music licensing questions in the Latin American region. We talked about how there are significant knowledge gaps across our industry, mainly because it is inherently complex, technical and global. I mentioned that in addition to regular advisory work, I’m developing my pro bono services for artists, small labels and around my local community. I want to continue to offer the support I’ve been providing the music community for many years within my new working structure.

My colleagues said that if I did a monthly blog post or email with insights into what I’m seeing around the industry, sharing whatever insights and wisdom I could, then they would definitely sign up. So here’s a first shot.

So that’s the first prompt. The second is that I was anyway going to spread the word about a really interesting time-restricted deal on some music production software. The team at IK Multimedia are running a 25th anniversary giveaway which really is amazing. For every qualifying item you buy this month, you get a number of additional products of the same value or less for free. Every time the total number qualifying products sold hits certain targets, everyone gets another free item up to a potential total of 25 free items. 

All very interesting, but for me it’s been extremely helpful, and a great example of offering real value to a loyal customer base. My home studio acoustics are not great. I was due to buy an audio analyser anyway. So I bought IK’s ARC System 3. €150 well spent. It works brilliantly. From now I can be more confident that my music production reference monitoring is more accurate, and not affected by speaker positioning, room reflections and all the other wobbly things which make your mixes sound crap as soon as you hear them on another setup. Result. Very useful, and yes, very good value.

I’ll do a dedicated post on this after I’ve had a bit more use from it, but so far so good.

IK Multimedia ARC 3 system

IK Multimedia ARC 3 advanced room correction system

IK Multimedia ARC 3 with mic and clip

IK Multimedia ARC 3 room correction system microphone

BUT – when I registered the product, I got an update on the free product offer. So many people have bought at least one qualifying product that the number of free products available for everyone has now reached fifteen. So anyone who bought one qualifying product – basically from any of IK’s software offerings – can just grab fifteen more items of the same value or less. I have quite a few IK products. Many of the available freebies I already have (and they are brilliant). But to be able to access 15 further items I would not have otherwise tried? That is real value. Supercharged value. Happy 25th anniversary IK Multimedia!

I’ll list out the gear and observations on each item in a separate post. I can’t wait to check them out. Especially the guitar and bass amps & effects, including setups from Slash and Jimi Hendrix.

The IK giveaway/celebration is one recent example of amazing value. It’s something to do with customer recognition and respect, and appreciating your customers’ role in your own success. But this example involves giving away a huge amount of stuff. Not everyone can do that. So where does the balance lie? And how does it apply to you? What do you think about this? Any good – or bad – examples to share? Let me know, and I’ll share any interesting views in a later post.

So that wraps things up for now. Thanks very much to my friends who prompted me to put finger to keyboard like this. And thank you for reading!

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